Takeout Your Garden Campaign

Take Out Your Garden Campaign is an up-cycling project that started out in 2013. What once was an advertisement workshop project now is a world-renowned campaign, mainly spreading throughout Instagram. Our signature up-cycling kit makes use of a dome-lid frappuccino cup. By combining two dome-lids and mounting it onto the cup, you can have your own terrarium in less than 5 minutes. You can watch our tutorial in Youtube, Vimeo and our official website as well.

Take Out Your Garden is a project well-known for the introduction videos, as well as the signature mini-terrarium that everyone can easily follow. We provide a great experience for people in their urban environment. To start their own green revolt on their desks, window sills, and balconies, all it takes is a used plastic cup, soil and seed. Not only can the kit nurture salad sprouts such as alfalfa, it can also be used to grow succulent plants, mini cactuses and moss balls known as marimo.

Official Campaign Video

Our campaign video was produced as a simulation video for a coffee brand, and at that time we chose Starbucks ; this was our mission in advertisement workshop project. The purpose of this campaign is giving an opportunity to customers make their own flower pot by reusing their own takeout plastic cups. This is NOT an actual campaign by Starbucks, just designed to simulate a real campaign.

This video had been nominated for ‘Best Directing’ and ‘Best Editing’ in the category ‘Commercial/PSA’ at DIFF|LA, 2014.

This video had been awarded Bronze Star in the category ‘Campaign Presentation Video’ (General Public) at AD STARS 2014 and displayed at Busan BEXCO.

Takeout Your Garden x Innisfree

Take Out Your Garden X Innisfree workshop event for Play Green was held in Busan in November, 2016. Watch our recap vid and start brainstorming your own gardening ideas!


Introducing Take Out Your Garden’s brand new project: GREEN GRIN! GREEN GRIN project is a solution for small coffee shops and their customers that tries to solve the over use of our natural resources and environmental problems. This project goes hand in hand with ‪#‎Ecojun‬ Company’s Original Green Cup.

* GREEN GRIN project is a part of 2015 Samsung Tomorrow Solution program.


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Campaign History

  • Campaign Video Released

    ‘Takeout Your Garden Campaign’ simulation campaign video was released.

  • Nominated at DIFF|LA

    ‘Takeout Your Garden Campaign’ has been nominated for ‘Best Directing’ and ‘Best Editing’ in the category ‘Commercial/PSA’, and it will be screening at Dot Independent Film Festival (DIFF|LA) 2014 on June 7th, at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

  • Participated in Handmade Korea


  • Awarded at AD STARS 2014

    ‘Takeout Your Garden Campaign’ has been awarded Bronze Star in the category Campaign Presentation Video (General Public) at AD STARS 2014 and displayed at Busan BEXCO.

  • Awarded at Creative Idea and Business Model Competition


  • Floweriest Workshop


  • Awarded at Society and Business Idea Contest


  • Participated AROUNZ gardening event


  • Participated Dream Library Workshop


  • Participated Book Concert workshop


  • Samsung Tomorrow Solution


  • Participated Seoul National University workshop



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